Write Your Own Game Recap in 2013!

With the A's first Spring Training game less than a month away, pitchers and catchers are gearing up for their trip to Phoenix and like them, we are getting ready to watch the squad after a successful 2012 campaign.

Some players, like Yoenis Cespedes and Josh Reddick are already considered locks at their respective positions; while others have no choice but to battle it out amongst each other for a starting job (ah-la "Greeksmore" courtesy of Alex Hall).

So... the thought of three major league caliber players fighting essentially for second-base had me thinking. What if some of the front page writers created an opportunity for 10 lucky AN members to "tryout" for season recaps in 2013? It would give us the chance to witness how fellow A's fans would compile a story, what details they would include, and what topics of discussion could result from it.

Here's how one scenario could go: The front writers select 10 fans from AN and assign them one Spring Training game at random. Once the last writer has completed their post (around the end of March), the panel will choose the five best entries -- that include scoring highlights, to defensive plays in the field, and how other members react to it (by generating comment threads and as a result, getting more fans involved).

The five winners then can have the chance to make spot starts for our seasoned-veterans; giving them a needed day off to rest their legs, fingers, or any other sports related injury that might prevent them from covering a game. One might have to call on "insert name here" from Tripe A to recap a game because they suffered a "write" (see what I did their!) torn hamstring or something -- and wa-la everything's good to go. Sure the selected few might need some "training" of their own, (me for example, spacing out these paragraphs; unless it worked just now, then YAY FOR ME!)

The only thing is new writers would need to be notified by a front page writer a couple days before their scheduled recap -- letting them know the story is theirs. I think it's a great way to see how fans would cover a game, giving the chance for others to feel like Su Slu for a day or Jane Lee, a journalist. And those who didn't make the cut would be first in line for the second-half or next season.

So what do you think AN!!?? Can we make this happen? And if you happen to run into Nico, BBG, Alex Hall, or any other front page writers, could you nudge them to this post? It would be really cool to get some feedback from them -- and everyone here on AN!