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How A Baseball Is Actually Made

Christian Petersen

For all I know, the video I'm sharing today is one you've all seen: "Oh yeah, been there, done that." What I know is that despite being a passionate baseball fan for about 40 years, as well as a broadcaster, writer, or analyst of the game for about 25 of those, I had never seen -- or even heard of -- this video, or almost all of the information in it.

And it's truly amazing: A 5-minute journey showing how a baseball is manufactured. And I had no idea. I mean I could probably have told you about 5% of what's in this video. Literally 95% of it was news to me. And it's really cool -- at least I think so.

So I'm keen to know: Have you seen this before? Did you know how a baseball was made, down to the details in this video? And if this info is as new to you as it was to me, did you find it interesting?

How Baseballs Are Manufactured