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Parker, Straily Tagged for "Verducci Effect"

Tom Verducci red flags 11 pitchers, including Jarrod Parker and Dan Straily. Will the A's adjust accordingly?

Christian Petersen

In case you don't know what the Verducci effect is, I'll direct you to the Sports Illustrated article, as well as an article from our own cuppingmaster in this excellent Q&A. In his article yesterday, Tom Verducci lists Stephen Strasburg as a potential concern for another year (and defends the decision to shut him down last year).

Forty years later, people still argue about how to develop young pitchers and whether to put governors on them. The debate reached a record volume last year when the postseason-bound Nationals shut down ace Stephen Strasburg as a preventative measure.

He also mentions the A's:

I've been tracking innings jumps for young pitchers for more than a decade, using protocols established by Rick Peterson, the former Oakland pitching coach who oversaw the health and development of Tim Hudson, Mark Mulder and Barry Zito, the real backbone of the Moneyball A's. (They started 58 percent of Oakland's games from 2000-04.) Peterson believed pitchers 25 and under should not exceed an innings increase of more than 30, though even he did so once with Mulder. I've tracked major league pitchers who exceeded the threshold, using all innings in a calendar year (postseason, minors and Arizona Fall League included, though not spring training).

He goes on to red-flag 11 players, including Parker and Straily.

cuppingmaster explained his take on why Parker is not a candidate back in December, but what about Straily?

And a question for you: If you were the Nationals, could you sit Strasburg for another playoff run?