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We're Still Popular - Can It Last?

After reading the news about the A's Fan Fest selling out in record time, will this year in attendance be vastly different from years past?


The last week of the regular season and the week of the playoffs in Oakland last year were somewhat of an anomaly--and certainly a different experience for fans than in years past. Gone were the days of walking up to the box office and selecting the best seat; out of thousands left. Gone was the empty parking lot; the empty concession stands; the empty seats. When I went to Game 5 last year, it was a whole different--and awesome--experience. The air was electric, the fans were loud, and every seat was filled.

We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was entirely due to the product on the field. Nothing else has changed in the last five years--the Coliseum hasn't gotten any newer--except the baseball team on the field, and the A's management should do anything they can to capitalize on that feeling for this year.

From the A's:

Tickets to A’s FanFest 2013, set for Sunday, Jan. 27 from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Oracle Arena, have sold out. Due to overwhelming demand, 10,000 tickets sold out after going on sale Friday to the general public and after being made available Jan. 4 to A’s season ticket holders.

This is good, yes?

This is a team that was 26th in attendance during their last winning season (2006), 26th, in 2007, 27th in 2008, dead last in 2009, 29th in 2010, dead last again in 2011,and crept up to 27th in attendance in 2012, but ended the season on the highest of high notes.

What will this year bring? With Fan Fest sold out, and Opening Day reported to be close, how will this set the tone for 2013? Obviously, the product on the field has to match or best last year's team, but if it does, will we have consistent numbers for the season? Will the players be playing in front of sold-out, Bernie-lean, Balfour-raging fans every night? And is that important for the A's future?

How important are attendance numbers? And how will putting a team on the field that draws fans affect the current stadium conflict, if at all?

Would love to hear your thoughts.