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The rise of Travis Blackley (and other links)

This link dump includes news about Travis Blackley and Chris (not Jim) Resop.

Thearon W. Henderson

Travis Blackley is becoming a bigger celebrity in his homeland of Australia, where he is constantly asked how his GM went from Fight Club to managing the A's:

Among his US fan base he is known for two things: his tattoos and his heroics in helping the A's win the American League West last year.

But back home, friends want to know just one thing: is Oakland's general manager Billy Beane really like Brad Pitt?
"Sometimes I think about writing the answer on a sign and wearing it around my neck, I'm that sick of being asked," he says.

For the record, Pitt's portrayal was pitch-perfect but it comes as no surprise that Blackley is bored by such monotony.

He likes his edges to be frayed and the "rush" he gets from excitement and pain is so often inseparable.

That's what keeps him hurtling those 90mph fastballs at the world's elite sluggers and what keeps taking him back to that tattoo parlour chair.

"I'm pretty much just filling in the gaps now," he says of his substantial body paint. "Your heart starts beating and you think about the pain, the rush, and then it's all over and it just feels awesome."

The A's have avoided arbitration for relief pitcher Chris Resop by signing him to a one-year contract. The remaining arbitration-eligible players are Jerry Blevins, George Kottaras, Brandon Moss and Seth Smith.

Darren Rovell didn't like Moneyball because of that one scene where Royce Clayton told David Justice he had to pay for soda.

Any other A's news or links?