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Open Thread: Game 136 - Oakland Athletics vs. Los Angeles Angels

Well, I'm not one for hyping up must-win games, but today is as close as we've been this season to a must-win. Keeping the Angels at 4.5 games behind is of tantamount importance, and if the A's are swept in this series, the Angels would close the gap to 2.5. It's not a position the A's have been in very often; looking to avoid the series sweep; yet, here we are. The A's have played the Angels terribly, and right now it's time to salvage a win, and fight other teams instead. Here's hoping other teams can play the Angels better than the A's have.

Brandon McCarthy will take the mound for the A's, facing off against Dan Haren. The A's offense has struggled against really good pitchers, so here's hoping that Haren is off today, as he has been for much of the season. This is the time when we see how durable the A's really are--and how deep they can go into September.

Here are your lineups: