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Game Thread #134 - A's @ Angels

Let's Do This.
Let's Do This.

Happy labor day! While most of us get to rest up, the A's are hard at work, riding high on a season-long nine game win streak, including an absolute manhandling of the Boston Red Sox.

I'm at Lake Tahoe this weekend; let me just say that the A's have been a very, very good bet the past few days. Incidentally, the odds of them winning the World Series were down to 12:1 two days ago - who would have expected that?

The A's are looking to hit double digits with a win over C.J. "The fans suck" Wilson, who hates the Oakland Coliseum mound and everything it stands for. He also hates hitters who don't swing at junk out of the zone. The A's will likely look to continue the "lawyerball" strategy and make Wilson challenge them.

The A's counter with Tomaso Milone, he of the 2.34 ERA at home in 2012.

Here are the lineups, courtesy of Baseball Press. Let's Go A's!