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How To Properly Navigate Game Threads

A quick look at AN's new Game Threads. They will be easier, I promise!

Rick Yeatts - Getty Images

Since we are on the new AN platform (which is 1-0, by the way!), I wanted to run through some quick "how to use the game threads" or more accurately, "what the heck is baseballgirl trying to do tonight?" before the game actually starts. Starting at 4:30 (half an hour before the game), there will be a new GameThread that will appear on the front page. Click the title and start to comment, per usual.

Sometime before I open a new thread, I'm going to turn that Game Thread into what is called a "StoryStream" and replace it on the front page. Instead of the game thread, you will then see what is called a StoryStream with many gamethreads under one title. Here is a sample. This test StoryStream has two gamethreads; (1) and (2). You can only see (2) right now, because that is the current thread. If you click on the big green box called "Load More Update", you will see all other gamethreads (in this test thread, there is only one other gamethread (1)).

Tonight's StoryStream will be called: Open Thread: Game 155 - Oakland Athletics at Texas Rangers. Underneath that title, there will be the current game thread, labeled (1), (2), and so on, depending on how many threads we use. The current one will always be on top. As we open each new game thread (links will be provided in the old thread, of course), they will stack on top of each other in the stream, so the current one is always on top.

So follow the links through the threads tonight, and if you lose your place, click on the homepage, the StoryStream, and from there, all of the game threads.

Hope this helps!

Coming up: The A's biggest game of the season so far; Parker vs. Perez. LET'S GO OAK-LAND!