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Open Thread: Game 150 - Oakland Athletics vs. New York Yankees

Gulp. Oh boy, here we go! We open a three-game series tonight with the New York Yankees, who are not only still smarting from the four game sweep back at the Coliseum, but who have to win themselves just to stay ahead of the Orioles in the Division. They will come to play tonight. Jarrod Parker will be the first of three of the A's rookie pitchers to take the mound for the first time at Yankee Stadium, and he will try to stave off the Bronx Bombers in front of no-doubt a playoff-hungry crowd. Parker was amazing against the Yankees in Oakland; let's hope he can replicate that game tonight.

Meanwhile, the A's will be facing CC Sabathia, who is looking for his 14th win. Coco Crisp is still not ready to play (damn that pinkeye; like we need this, right?), but Stephen Drew is not leading off, so I don't have to fly to New York to change the lineup myself. Instead, it will be Collin "They're moo'ing, not boo'ing" Cowgill. Chris Carter is in the lineup, as well, looking for a little redemption. The Yankees will play without Mark Teixeira, but with Eric Chavez (playing 1st, even!)