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Want the Bad News? Or the Worse News?

First, here's the bad news. Despite knocking Justin Verlander out of the game after six innings while putting runners all over the bases in seemingly every inning, the A's failed to score a single run until two absolutely insulting garbage runs in the ninth with two out, while allowing the Tigers to score six.

Want the worse news? Brett Anderson is out with a strained oblique. He didn't make it out of the third.

It doesn't get much worse than that for the A's, who have now lost 3 in a row, and will have to stave off the sweep tomorrow morning.

Seth Smith was thrown out trying to go from first to third on an infield single by Cepedes in the first inning with two outs. That kind of set the tone for the day. The A's collected two one-out singles in the second, and wasted those too. A single to open the third, and a two out single just added up to 2 more LOB for the A's in the third, and after three, the A's had left six men on base. They would, of course, pay for that.

Brett Anderson was heartbreakingly awesome through the first two innings, but fell apart in the third, as two bunt singles opened the inning for the Tigers, who put up three runs, enough to win the game. Anderson exited the game with a strained oblique, looking every bit as disappointed as the A's lineup looks.

The only fire the A's showed all game was in the ninth inning, and it was far too late; the Tigers had tacked on 3 more. Walk, defensive indifference, RBI single, defensive indifference, RBI single. That. Was. It.

Horrible game to watch; all we can do is root for the Rangers tonight and hope the A's can right the ship tomorrow morning. Tommy Milone vs. Anibal Sanchez. 10:05AM.