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Open Thread: Game 148 - Oakland Athletics vs. Detroit Tigers

Edited to add: This is actually baseballgirl. Someone used my game thread last night. ;-)

Well, I can finally say it. THIS is the biggest game in the season so far for your 2012 Oakland Athletics. I wish it didn't have to come against Justin Verlander, but nothing worth having comes easily, RIGHT? RIGHT!? After having dropped two games in a row; one a seemingly thrown-away game against Baltimore and the other last night's circus act against the Tigers, the A's simply can't afford to go on a 3-game-or-longer losing streak; not with only 14 games left to play, and the vast majority against the league-leading Rangers.

This is it! Our A's have brought us to the brink of the playoffs; just two more weeks left in the season, for all the money, all the glory, and all the excitement of a winning season. Our only hope is that Verlander goes into a fit of hysterical laughter at our lineup and forgets how to throw strikes. 'Cause we can walk. Hitting? The jury's still out. Unfortunately, so is Coco Crisp, who has the best record against Verlander of anyone, but instead Stephen Drew will be leading off. Ouch. Not to mention, the part of Chris Carter will be played by Daric Barton tonight. Yes, yes, I know. Brett Anderson should be tweeting shortly; I expect something along the lines of "The hell?".

Root like you've never rooted before. They're gonna need it!

Case in point:

Here are your lineups: