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This season has been crazy. Just plain crazy.

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The Oakland Athletics and Baltimore Orioles are playing a series in September with heavy playoff implications. Both teams have a good chance of making the October cut. The New York Yankees might fall to the Wild Card and the Anaheim Angels, who were like the proverbial kid in a candy store this offseason, have a lot of catching up to do.

This all just seems insane to me.

This is like telling me that the Golden State Warriors and Charlotte Bobcats will make it to the NBA Finals. It's like saying Louisiana-Monroe has a shot at the BCS National Championship, while USC and LSU might be relegated to the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl (yes, it's a thing).

Since Aug. 13, Oakland's record against teams with fewer than two cities in their name is 22-4.

Even just the way the A's have gotten there seems absolutely incredible.

The A's big free agent signing (Yoenis Cespedes) is playing through pain to propel the team, which got a huge bump from waiver-wire pickup Brandon Inge, castoff Brandon Moss and one-time can't-miss top prospect Chris Carter. With the loss of elder statesmen Bartolo Colon and Brandon McCarthy, the oldest A's starting pitcher is 25-year-old rookie Tommy Milone.

The team has rallied around a dance based on a movie that came out when most of the players were still in diapers. (Seriously, watch this video, though.)

It's crazy. It's fun to watch. I'm just enjoying taking it all in.

Jarrod Parker opposes Baltimore's Zach Britton at 6:05 p.m. in the second game of this three-game series.