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Open Thread: Game 144 - Oakland Athletics vs. Baltimore Orioles

I've left all of my good feelings for Baltimore behind in the other thread. It's a war out there and we're going to be pulling out all the stops to win. This game couldn't be more interesting, and to a lot of other people besides A's and O's fans. The Orioles come into Oakland having split the season series with the A's, so this series will not only decide the fate of the first Wild Card spot, but could potentially determine who would get home-field advantage in a possible one-game playoff. The Yankees would like Baltimore to lose, and the Rangers would certainly like the A's to lose, so let's disappoint them, shall we?

Tommy Milone will take the mound for the A's tonight, trying to replicate his last start against the Angels. Meanwhile, the A's will be facing off against Joe Saunders, their old Angels' nemesis, who owns them, but slightly less than Jered Weaver, so that's good, right?

There should be a sold-out crowd at the Coliseum tonight, and I hope the stands are rocking, and have plenty to cheer about.

Here are your lineups:

Updated scores: Texas is over Seattle 2-1 in the fourth, the Angels recovered from a 3-0 deficit to lead the Royals 4-3 in the fifth, The Rays have a 4-2 lead on the Yankees in the seventh, and Detroit is leading Cleveland 4-0 in the eighth.