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Open Thread: Game 142 - Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angeles

Well, it's hard to imagine a better situation for today's game. After beating the Angels in the first two games of the series--including a special, magical win last night--the A's look for a real-live series win if they can pull out another win tonight. Undefeated starter A.J. Griffin will take the mound, looking for his sixth win, but the A's will just be looking for a win, period. The Angels will throw Ervin Santana against the A's, and while he was spectacularly terrible early this season, and against everyone else in the league, he's been good against the A's. Just not Cliff Pennington; Penny is batting lifetime .478 against Santana. But it's a game the A's can win, and probably should.

The lineup is once again Carter-less; I would be playing both him and Moss, but I'm not Magical Bob Melvin, so I have no room to talk this year. Fire no one!

Your lineups: