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Open Thread: Rival Baseball Games

Tampa Bay/Baltimore - Hey, one of them has to lose!

With the current state of the American League East and Wild Card standings, Wednesday's matchup for Tampa Bay and Baltimore seems to carry even more weight than usual.

After winning the series opener, Baltimore, which is tied with the Yankees for first in the division, holds a two-game lead over Tampa Bay in the AL East, and Wednesday's matchup at Camden Yards will either extend it to a three-game advantage or shrink it down to one.

New York Yankees/Boston Red Sox - Gooooo Sox!

Cook and the Red Sox can strike a blow to their rivals postseason hopes, with the Yankees falling back into a tie with the Orioles in the AL East after Tuesday's loss.

"We owe them," Boston manager Bobby Valentine said of New York, which still leads the season series, 8-5. "We haven't beaten them enough this year. I'd like to play some good games."

Texas/Cleveland - Gooooo Indians!

Detroit/Chicago White Sox - One has to lose!

A.J. Griffin will try for a perfect 6-0 tonight against Ervin Santana, as the A's try to take the series. Game is at 7:05