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Open Thread: Game 132 - Oakland Athletics vs Boston Red Sox

It's September 1st, and the Oakland A's are playing meaningful baseball! Not only that, but the Red Sox are trying to play spoiler. Bizzaro world!

A.J. Griffin returns from the disabled list to take on a shockingly weak Boston lineup. They still have Ellsbury and Pedroia, and Ross and Saltalamacchia have hit a lot of homers this year, but any lineup with James Loney hitting 5th is automatically pretty terrible. There's still a fair amount of talent there, but it's nothing like the Boston lineups of the last decade.

Felix Doubront starts for the Sox. In his last three outings, he faced the Twins, the Indians, and the Royals. Against those teams, he allowed 13 earned runs in 14.1 innings. He's a lefty who gives up too many homers and walks too many batters. He does strike out a batter per inning, which might give the A's some problems, but it might not matter considering the way this team has been swinging the bat lately.

Josh Donaldson sits after homering in three straight games, as he hurt a hip flexor last night with a 10-run lead. Fortunately, Brandon Inge was just waiting for a reason to come back to his old position, which is just fantastic. Donaldson is reportedly day-to-day, so hopefully he can return to the lineup soon. I've grown quite fond of him. I'm a sucker for a 1.000 OPS.

Brandon Hicks also returns from AAA, and he draws the start at short as Stephen Drew sits against a lefty. I'm OK with that, for a day. In fact, I'll make Hicks my pick to go yard against Doubront. With Drew out, Gomes hits 2nd. Rosales gets the starts at 2nd base against the lefty. And, of course, Chris Carter is back in the lineup. Trogdor!

Alright. Go A's!