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Open Thread: Game 107 - Oakland Athletics vs. Toronto Blue Jays

Hey guys, I went to sleep early last night. Did I miss anything exciting?

Just kidding. Oakland returns to the field just 13 hours after capping off their second 15-inning victory this week. The A's used every reliever except Jordan Norberto, but I figure that Jerry Blevins is probably available, and possible Pat Neshek as well. I wouldn't expect to see anyone else pitching (except maybe Adam Rosales? I think he'd be good), so A.J. Griffin had better go at least 7 innings!

Toronto sends Ricky Romero to the mound, which is great news because Romero has been terrible this year. He faced the A's on July 25, and allowed 8 runs while recording only 4 outs. He walks 6 batters. When you're exhausted after a marathon game, THIS is the kind of matchup you want.

Last night's game was also cursed by the Injury Troll. The Blue Jays lost Brett Lawrie and Colby Rasmus, and neither of them are in the lineup today. The A's lost Yoenis Cespedes, but it sounds like the wrist sprain is minor and he may even be available to pinch-hit. Coco Crisp is not in the lineup, but the off-day was scheduled. Even if it wasn't, I would still want to rest him as a precaution after a marathon like that.

The resulting lineups are...interesting. Derek Norris caught 15 innings last night, but is still starting as the DH. What a trooper! Michael Taylor gets the start in right, and he's batting 2nd to boot. The Blue Jays are just in bad shape. I'm pretty sure some of the names in the lineup are made up. Moises Sierra? C'mon, you just took Moises Alou and Ruben Sierra and combined them! At least get creative. That guy batting 9th? I'm almost positive that's a character from Lord of the Rings. Their cleanup hitter is a 25-year old with 166 career plate appearances and a 93 OPS+. I think Oakland's order is weak today? Griffin could legitimately no-hit this Toronto lineup. This is going to be interesting.