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Open Thread: Game 129 - Oakland Athletics at Cleveland Indians

Well, for tonight at least, the A's are tied for the Wild Card lead and if the season ended today, they'd be in the playoffs. Unfortunately, the season does not end today; there is another month of baseball to play, and numerous teams hot on the A's heels. I'm not going to deem a series a must-win, but the A's have to take all of the advantage they can get against Cleveland, who hopefully will hit a hot streak when playing the rest of the A's competition. But for today and tomorrow, I hope the Indians allow the A's two more wins; starting tonight. Travis Blackley will get a well-earned start, as he has had some long appearances out of the bullpen in key situations for the A's, and has kept them in a few games. Tonight will be all on him, as he faces off against Corey Kluber. Interesting note from (and they are also wrong):

Neither starting pitcher for Wednesday's game has ever faced a batter on the opposing team.

Coco Crisp is expected back in the lineup tonight, as Reddick continues on in the sixth spot. Cespedes/Smith/Carter will make up the 3/4/5 tonight, and Pennington will start at second base.