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Open Thread: To Kill Time Until The A's Attempt Another Series Win

Breaking News: Bartolo Colon has failed an MLB Drug Test and has been suspended for 50 Games, Per John Heyman - Zonis

Happy Wednesday, all! I'm baseballgirl and I'll be your host for this afternoon's game, starting at 12:35PM, as the A's and Tommy Milone will try to win yet another series in preparation for the A's/Rays standoff in Tampa Bay starting tomorrow night. Can someone say...August 22nd and the A's are really, truly in a pennant race? Keep an eye on Baltimore/Texas tonight, starting at 5:05PM. I think we should still be rooting against Texas; the A's are only 5 games out of the Division, and winning that is a huge advantage this season. Meanwhile, the Rays are playing KC in about 15 minutes and we can root for a long, exhausting game, ending in a loss for the Rays. We can now afford to be ruthless to our competition; there is no, "I want to see ____ in the playoff if the A's can't go"; the A's actually have a chance to go. And as much as I don't dislike the Rays, if I'm going to have a soft spot, it's directed toward Baltimore or Detroit; they haven't had a season like this in a long time.The Angels play Boston at 4PM; Go Sox!, while Detroit plays Seattle at the same time. And don't look now, but Seattle, yes Seattle!, is only 3.5 games behind the Angels. American League West, represent!

Would you like to learn more about rookie catcher Derek Norris? Jane Lee features him in an MLB article today. I'm a sucker for stories that include lines like:

He always has, even though there wasn't a baseball diamond within a 10-mile radius of his home in Goddard, Kan., which has a population on the south side of 5,000.

Want another feel-good story? The much-beleaguered umpire, Jim Joyce, whose missed call took away a perfect game from Armando Galarraga, saved a woman's life at the D-Backs stadium.

We'll see you back here in just a few!