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Favorite Moments of The Streak

With this weekend's promotion at the Coliseum all about "The Streak" of 2002, I thought I would open it up for memorable stories and moments from that great moment 10 years ago, when our Oakland Athletics didn't lose a baseball game for nearly an entire month. Not that I don't love promotions from the 70's and 80's, but I was really too young to appreciate those teams properly; and certainly took for granted how lucky we were. But 2002 was different--after suffering the '90s with the A's, and coming to the brink of amazing in 2001--this wasn't just another playoff run; it was a historic 20 game stretch of baseball that we're still celebrating 10 years later. You know that commercial with Scott Hatteberg watching Moneyball over and over again? I believe it.

Ten years ago, I was working at my first "out of college" job, and was scheduled to work during most of the streak. Luckily, my job involved a laptop on me at all times, and a wireless network. Even though I watched game #20 in real time, at home, the games that stand out to me the most were #18 and #19, heard softly in the background of my computer as Miguel Tejada and the A's rallied back to keep the streak alive. I have friends who attended all of the home games of the streak; where the crowds grew to over 50,000 by the final game.

So where were you 10 years ago? What do you remember most about the streak? How many games did you attend? And looking back, are you blown away by the sheer impossibility of winning 20 games? Even today, when teams win 10, it's a huge deal; it's unreal to me to think of winning 20, even though we did!

The A's come home to play the Indians tonight at 7:05. If you're not at the game, see you in the thread!