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Straily Holds Off the Crown, A's Hit it Out

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It was a rather uneventful game, but the kind of one we like, as Dan Straily hurls the A's to a victory, and once again, the A's runs come mainly from the Long Ball.

The Good Straily, ye of the first start, showed up this time, and while a little spotty in the beginning, settled down to throw 6 1/3 innings, with 2 strikeouts, 2 walks and 3 hits, and the win.

The A's offense came from solo homeruns from Coco Crisp in the 6th, and Yoenis Cespedes in the 7th, with an additional run scoring in the 8th from a Derek Norris stolen base, and a Jemile Weeks single to get him in.

On the back end, the bullpen was solidly managed tonight. Sean Doolittle came in to relieve Straily, and when he struggled after getting one out, but loading the bases (on top of Straily's inherited baserunner), Jerry Blevins was brought in to get the final out on 1 pitch. Ryan Cook managed to close out the 8th after Blevin's strikeout, and Grant Balfour turned in an uneventful 9th for the save.

Other Notes:

-Josh Reddick is still struggling hard, even with the dental work, but is using the shift on him to his advantage, netting the A's first hit with an infield bunt single.

-Cliff Pennington has officially entered Pitcher Territory, batting .197, and striking out looking while attempting to bunt (yes, even with 2 strikes).

-Jemile Weeks cannot read pitchers, as he yet again today had another break from first before the ball was even thrown, and got back before the pitcher had time to throw back. Weeks needs to really learn how to read the pitcher, or he will be losing a very valuable part of his game.

-Speaking of Steals, Derek Norris has 5! Nobody expects the Norris Inquisition!