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Open Thread: Game 114 - Oakland Athletics at Chicago White Sox (cont'd (cont'd))

Welp, turns out that the White Sox are pretty good at hitting. They teed off on Bartolo Colon in the 6th, taking a commanding 6-1 lead. Adam Rosales cut it to 6-2 with a solo homer in the top of the 7th, but A.J. Pierzynski scored from 1st on a routine grounder in the bottom of the frame. Don't ask, just trust me. That happened. The A's have 6 outs to score 5 runs.

We're going to try a little experiment here. The last two times I started a Rally Thread, Jonny Gomes immediately responded with a 1-out Gomer. He's going to lead off the 8th, so the conditions aren't quite right, but maybe he can at least draw a walk or something.