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Open Thread: Game 112 - Oakland Athletics at Chicago White Sox

Well, wow. It's game 112 of the season and the A's are still in the postseason race. And not just wishful thinking (of COURSE we can overcome a 10 game deficit in the next 50 games, don't worry about it!), but really, actually leading the Wild Card and only 5.5 games back of the division lead. Unfortunately, Texas is playing much better than they were in July, so gaining another 9.5 games in a month might be kind of tricky. Well, that and the A's were playing no-lose baseball, which is going to be increasingly harder to do as time goes on. I'd settle for a few good series wins.

Tonight the A's will face a very good ball club in the White Sox, who are currently battling the Detroit Tigers for the Central Division title. And this time it does matter for more than home-field advantage; with the one-game Wild Card playoff, the Division leaders have a huge leg up in the playoffs.

Brandon McCarthy will make his return for the green and gold tonight, and here's to hoping that he comes back rested and fresh for the stretch run; propping up the young arms around him. He will have a cap of 80-90 pitches, so this is a good game to pitch him; the A's have plenty of available bullpen arms tonight. McCarthy will fill Eric Sogard's roster spot as he comes back; Sogard is bothered by a bad back, apparently.

Gavin Floyd, who has been very solid for this White Sox this year, will face off against this A's lineup. Complaints have already been registered about Jemile hitting second. Also, this series will be Konerko-less; he is out with a concussion.