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August Lounge: Wow, July was fun!

When I left last month, I certainly had no idea we'd do THAT well while I was gone. I'm sorry if my return has doomed the A's. I expect you all to take up a collection to send me abroad again.

It's August now, which I officially declare to be the month of pie and cake and all other desserts. Why? Because I can. I'm just that way.

August brings with it the return of the school year (*cries*), so I send along my good wishes to all the teachers and educators out there. Oh, and to the students too. Be nice to us all.

We've also got another week and a half of the Olympics. Be careful of spoilers here in the lounge, but hey, NBC is already spoiling everything for us, so maybe we don't need to be worried.

Apparently I locked up the July lounge, but here's a fresh one to play with. Enjoy!!