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Open Thread: Game 104 - Oakland Athletics vs. Tampa Bay Rays

Why, hello August! I would say it's nice to see you, but we really, really miss July already. After closing the historic month of July with a whimper; a forgettable 8-0 loss, the A's open August in a rubber game with the Rays, trying to win yet another series against a direct Wild Card opponent.

Taking the mound today will be Jarrod Parker, who has struggled lately, especially in his last start, where the A's offense had to bail him out late. Parker, who is making his first start against the Rays, will be matched up against Alex Cobb, who has only faced the A's once. After an off-day for them yesterday (recording just 3 hits), the A's offense will try to come back with some run support.

They'll be sending out this lineup (still Coco-less):

Every game counts now; not only are the A's battling Texas and the Angels, but they are being chased by a number of good teams; any one of them waiting for the A's to falter in the last two months of the race.