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Open Thread: Game 86 - A's vs. Mariners

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To err is human -- to throw air, well, just kind of pointless.
To err is human -- to throw air, well, just kind of pointless.

The first half of the season is a rebuilding sandwich in which Felix Hernandez is the bread. The first half started with the A's facing Felix, and that's how it will end. This will be the 4th time the A's have squared off against Hernandez and the first 3 go-arounds have produced one each of the 3 outcomes you might anticipate: beat him, lose to him, outlast him until the game is decided by the bullpens.

Opening night -- sorry, Opening Middle Of The Night -- the A's "beat" Seattle's ace by matching him until the game went into extra innings tied 1-1. Unfortunately for Oakland, their bullpen blinked first but it's still a good game plan when you're up against an ace. Or they could just beat him behind Bartolo Colon, as they did on April 13th.

Colon takes the mound against Hernandez again today, trying to even his record at 7-7 and in the process even the A's record at 43-43. Offensively, Oakland will try to at least HR in a 19th consecutive game with this lineup: