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Open Thread: Game 84 - Oakland Athletics vs Seattle Mariners

It's July 6, and if the Oakland Athletics win tonight, they will have a .500 record. That is absolutely amazing. Furthermore, Tommy Milone is pitching tonight, and he has a 0.99 ERA at the Coliseum in 6 starts (45 innings) this season. The Mariners are scoring an average of negative-1 runs per game, so that should even out to a shutout for the A's tonight. You can't argue it, it's science!

Kevin Millwood is starting for the Mariners, because apparently he is still in the Majors. He actually started a game against the A's a couple of weeks ago, but gave up a leadoff homer to Coco Crisp and then left in the 3rd inning with a groin injury, which I assume was just a euphemism for being embarrassed about giving up a leadoff homer to Coco Crisp. Don't worry, Kevin, he just did it to Jon Lester too, and Lester is a way better pitcher than you are. We're all as shocked as you are. I didn't see that game that Millwood started because restaurants and bars in Oakland A's "territory" show almost exclusively Giants games on TV, because territorial rights totally aren't a thing.

Game time is 7:05. Here are the lineups. I think that most of you will be pleased: