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Forgot to hit "Publish" recap - A’s walkoff a winner vs. Sawx, 3-2.

Don't injure his trade value!
Don't injure his trade value!

First, my apologies for the late recap. This is what happens when you're too tired. Second, big thanks to dwishinsky for stepping in to post a thread when I was unexpectedly without access to a computer.

As is the A's penchant this year, they managed to pull a rabbit out of a hat with this one. With the exception of Crisp's leadoff homer, Jon Lester was a tough customer, striking out 9 and walking only one in 6.2 innings of work. Indeed, the first inning was Lester's worst, as after Crisp's homer, Weeks walked and Gomes singled sandwiched by Cespedes and Reddick strikeouts. A flyout by Carter to RF got Lester out of the jam. Indeed, Lester had the breaking stuff going all night, getting A's hitters to flail at outside pitches time and again,

Colon looked well-rested and seemed to suffer no ill effects from his oblique strain. He was pumping 92-93 most of the night, with movement, and threw 6 innings of 5 hit, 3 K ball. A very Colon-y start indeed. He allowed an HR to Saltalamacchia in the 2nd, and Salty also hit a rocket that Chris Carter would misplay into another run, allowing the Red Sox to take a 2-1 lead they wouldn't relinquish until the end.

Chris Carter was probably the most important player in the game today on both sides of the ball. In addition to the aforementioned error in the 4th, he also made what could only be described as an excellent, athletic play in the 9th, sprawling out to catch Nick Punto's sinking bunt attempt and throwing it to Weeks for a double play. He also catalyzed the 9th inning rally with a line drive single to LF.

After Carter's single, Inge popped out and Pennington (subbed in for Hicks earlier), blooped a single over SS to put runners on 1st and 2nd for Moss (PHing for Suzuki). After getting ahead 0-2, Aceves left a fastball thigh high to Moss, who smashed it into CF to tie the game. Kalish's misplay allowed Pennington to easily get to 3rd and Moss to 2nd. It was then Crisp's turn to be the hero, as he clocked a medium deep flyball to Kalish, who had no chance to catch the speedy Pennington, who crossed the plate with winning run.

A couple side notes:

Cespedes misplayed another ball (or, at least, failed to communicate with Hicks) on a bloop to LF in the 7th by Kalish). He looks frustrated playing out there, and his reads right now are terrible. I would be too if I was playing an unfamiliar position for no apparent reason.

Now that the A's are eating all of Fuentes' contract (most likely), can they do the same with Crisp and trade him away? I love me some Coco, but not on the A's right now and not at the expense of Cespedes getting reps at his natural position.

Jim Miller managed to find himself in an important position and walked the first two batters he faced. Granted, he struck out the next guy, but Melvin's fascination with him is beyond me. Does he like white guys with anonymous names? Was Balfour unavailable?

Kurt Suzuki had reached base twice today and threw out a runner at 3rd in the 9th. Tell me when the last time you said that was. Also, that was a hell of a base-blocking job by Inge on that Suzuki CS.