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So we might be standing pat. This isn't so bad.

Do you guys need me after last night?  I really hate Coors.  And the Rockies are bad.
Do you guys need me after last night? I really hate Coors. And the Rockies are bad.

After the thrilling snoozefest of a victory earlier this morning, the A's awake to find themselves with a roster that has remained relatively unchanged considering the options that may or may not be available to them. All indications point to Billy Beane sticking with his current roster save for the Kotteras trade, as long as he didn't do anything dumb in his sleep-deprived state last night.

To recap, the A's were linked to most the potentially available players on the left side of the infield:

  • Stephen Drew (who even walked into Kirk Gibson's office yesterday... only to be told nothing about trades, apparently)
  • Chase Headley
  • Jamey Carroll
  • Jimmy Rollins
  • Marco Scutaro (who betrayed us and is now on the other side of the bay)

In addition, the A's have been linked to relief help in the name of Rafael Betancourt. All that said, again, it seems that the fundamental problem is the same: Beane will not deal prospects the A's are high on. Given the current transactional environment, this actually makes a lot of sense. Why deal away young arms like Dan Straily, or young hitters like Michael Choice for what might amount to marginal upgrades? Indeed, at 3B, it's easy to see why Beane would balk at the asking price for Chase Headley. Scott Sizemore will more than likely return next year, and may not be a significant downgrade from Headley. It's not clear that a 2-month rental is worth the cost in top prospects. For SS, short of taking on Jimmy Rollins' salary for likely 3 more years, it's not clear that the available options are significantly better than Cliff Pennington (who is not this bad of a hitter).

I don't think it is that Beane doesn't believe in this group of guys on the roster right now. I just think he is trying to help the team's chances this year as long as it doesn't cost the A's chances in subsequent years. I have to agree with this sentiment, even though the uber-fan in me really wants the A's to acquire all the players. Plus, the current roster isn't so bad: a slightly below average hitting team (which is somewhat influenced by horrible early season performances) with above-average pitching can go far into the playoffs.

I just hope it's enough.

Join me later tonight for the gamethread. In the meantime, feel free to use this as an open thread to discuss any Twitter rumors.