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Weeks Joins "Wacky Walkoff Wonder" Crew In The 15th!

The A's 12th walkoff win of the season came in their longest game of the year -- a 15 inning marathon in which the A's struck out a franchise record 21 times. It came off the bat of Jemile Weeks with the bases loaded and one out: a sacrifice fly to one of only two OFers being employed at the time, BJ Upton, whose throw arrived after Brandon Inge slid across the plate.

Forgive me for one of the shorter recaps, one that will not do justice to "walkoff #12 in inning #15". It is well past my bedtime. I will, however, note that the A's bullpen was sensational in blanking the Rays for 8 innings.

Celebrate -- it's time for pie!