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Game Thread: Red Sox @ A's Game 82

The A's made some moves this afternoon and perhaps the most surprising move of the year opted to designate one time closer, veteran Brian Fuentes to make room for tonight's starter disabled list returnee Bartolo Colon. Colon will take the mound against the Red Sox sporting a 4.22 ERA and 4.14 FIP across 89 2/3 most lackluster innings of work. And while many may welcome Colon back a good chunk of not the majority of A's fans will have little problem saying goodbye to Fuentes whose most noteworthy achievement in Oakland may very well be his role in the firing of Bob Geren.

The Fuentes-free new look A's will face Jon Lester who in 101 1/3 innings has a 4.53 ERA but stronger 3.66 FIP. The A's lineup is: Crisp (8), Weeks (4), Reddick (9), Cespedes (7), Gomes (DH), Carter (3), Inge (5), Hicks (6), Suzuki (2). While Boston puts up: Nava (7), Pedroia (4), Ortiz (DH), Ross (9), Gonzalez (3), Saltalamacchia (2), Kalish (8), Aviles (6), Punto (5). A's really seem enamored of the platoon these days and I'm not entirely sure that's the direction I'd opt to go in but hey, I just watch the games right?

Favorite Brian Fuentes stories? Do share!


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