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Open Thread: Game 99 - Oakland Athletics at Baltimore Orioles (cont'd (cont'd))

The A's are coming up in the top of the 8th, still holding their 8-6 lead. That last Game Thread was looking pretty bad, but then at the end it totally redeemed itself. I admit, I was screaming at the TV when Melvin pinch-hit Smith for Gomes, because Gomes is just stupid hot right now and he was having a good game. And yet, once again, Melvin was right and I was wrong, and Smith saved the game (for now) with a bases-clearing double to take back the lead. We have some hot players right now, but has anyone been hotter than Melvin this year? He has managed the shit out of this team. If he isn't the front-runner for Manager of the Year, then I don't know why they even have that award.

One last thread to take it home! Line 'em up, knock 'em down, and win one for the Gipper. Let's go bullpen!