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Quick "Programming Note" About New Front Page "Contributor"

I just want to let everyone know of an "SB Nation MLB news" service that has worked well on other sites, and to clarify why I am "opting in" for AN.

If you see a story from "SB Nation MLB News," it will be a short, factual piece to provide information on breaking news (or rumors) that affect the A's -- these are the stories our regular front page writers might not have access to as quickly, and which it is unfair to ask our regular front page writers to keep on top of 24/7. We do want you, the reader, to get the news first when you log onto AN, but at the same time we want to ask our writers to be awesome writers and not require them also to be AP, The Daily Dish, and every Twitter feed, all at the same time.

When news breaks and is presented for your reading and reaction pleasure, our front page writers can then enhance the "basic breaking news" stories with the analyses or opinions that they do so well -- and that is really the "heart and soul" of AN's front page.

I'd say that the "need to know" info is this:

- Any "SB Nation MLB News" stories will be in addition to, not ever in lieu of, all the front page pieces you already see from all our front page writers.

- Part of the goal is to provide "breaking news stories" to the AN community more quickly than we have able to do in the past.

- Another part of the goal is to keep the front page writers' jobs manageable, and not to put pressure or expectation on our front page writers beyond what they have "signed up for" -- which is to manage a day and write for AN, but to be able to do so while still having a life and possibly even making a living at a non-baseball related job!

So when news breaks (maybe over the next 5 days? hmm...) you might see a short "SB Nation MLB News" story that allows you to hear the actual news first without having to keep tabs on 27 different sites hoping to catch any A's-related news, followed by our writer's opinions and analyses in a more substantial and subjective post.

So that's SB Nation MLB News, which will hopefully bring us, in the next few days, news of that "Jim Miller for Alcides Escobar" deal I've been waiting to hear about...{refreshes page}...Dang.