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Game Thread: A's @ Jays Game 97

Morning baseball! Tommy Milone tries to solve his road woes today as the A's look to sweep the Jays in Toronto. I don't know about everyone else but this team finally for the first time in a long time feels like we go in with better than even odds. So despite Milone's road woes (5.69 ERA, .381 wOBA against), if he is going to solve that in a tough run environment it is today. The Blue Jays put up Aaron Laffey, who shares a birthday with me, and has 0.4 WAR more than me this season as he has put up a 2.77 ERA and 4.29 FIP in 39 innings.

Yesterday in a joint effort from the pitchers and hitters, the A's managed to hand Toronto their most lopsided shutout loss in their 35 year history. Today's lineup is identical to last night's with the exception of Kurt Suzuki manning the backstop and hitting seventh. They probably don't need to put up sixteen again, but why not? While it was Toronto's most lopsided loss, it tied the A's mark for most lopsided win, something that they have now done five times, last against San Francisco back in 2005.

The A's are now an amazing 16-2 in July, have won seven straight and are your leaders in the American League for the Wild Card. Whoda thunk it?

Here is today's lineup!