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Random Notes Before BBG's Recap

Baseballgirl will be along soon to recap either the A's 16-0 shellacking of the Blue Jays or her softball game (I wasn't sure, but I got that a game will be recapped).

In the meantime, a few notes...

* Brad Peacock had one of his best outings tonight for AAA Sacramento. Peacock went 6 IP, allowing just 3 hits and one unearned run, with 1 BB and 4 Ks. Perhaps most importantly, Peacock threw just 71 pitches. You have to think Peacock's name has come up a lot this week in Billy Beane's trade talks, as undoubtedly have A.J. Griffin's and Dan Straily's names. Regardless of whether the A's use Peacock as a trade chip, or to replace a traded pitcher, his success at AAA right now is extremely relevant.

* Josh Reddick's "spiderman" catch, possibly robbing Travis Snider of a HR and certainly of extra bases, is just the latest "wow" play from the A's RFer. Prior to that, the last one was...just yesterday, when he made Brett Lawrie his 10th victim of an OF assist. I just want to put it out there that I think Josh Reddick should be a serious candidate for a gold glove. I mean, just look at his slugging percentage!

* With Aaron Sebia (that's his name, right?) breaking his hand tonight (foul tip caught by the wrong hand), and out 6-8 weeks, I don't know if that opens up any discussion for Kurt Suzuki, but the Blue Jays are desperate for relief help, and a package involving Suzuki and one of the A's better relievers, along with perhaps a SP, could potentially start to look like enough for Yunel Escobar. I don't know if something Suzuki, Balfour, Colon gets you into interesting territory, and what I really don't know is whether the Blue Jays consider themselves buyers, sellers, or just a confused franchise stuck "a few games over .500" for about a decade. What I do know is that right now, their starting catcher hits like a pitcher -- but we found out tonight that he doesn't really pitch like one.

A's smash the Jays 16-0 tonight...more from BBG soon!