Thought Experiment: Where To Play?

We have an off-day from pie-antics, so we're going to play a fun game where we try to come up with a solution to a problem. I'll set the parameters and you shoot out possible answers and justification for what makes them good. Anyone can respond with why they think that won't work, or why they agree it's a good idea. If you only have half a solution, that's ok too! Maybe someone else has the other half.

Here's the Setup: You're on an MLB scheduling committee, and you have learned that the Coliseum Authority has just accepted an offer of $250M from Hollywood to blow up the Coliseum for an upcoming summer blockbuster. The money would pay off the rest of the Raiders improvements and leave extra money to help the City and County coffers. The Raiders and A's leases expire after the 2013 seasons. During the halftime of the Super Bowl on February 2nd 2014, in a spectacular display of pyrotechnics, Mount Davis is imploded, the West Side Club comes crashing down, and the tarps turn to ashes and disappear in the wind.

The Raiders announce they will play the post-Coliseum seasons in Santa Clara with the 49ers until the NFL stadium fund is replenished. The A's have found a stadium location and have begun to build, but the stadium won't be ready until Opening Day in April 2016.

Here's the Question: As a member of the MLB scheduling committee, you are tasked to help the A's in their predicament. With no Coliseum, where do they play their home games in 2014 and 2015?

Remember, the ideas that MLB and the A's prefer involve the most participation by the current fan base, and aim for at least one million in attendance, though 1.5M would be preferred. There are 81 home dates that need to be determined.

The number one rule I want everyone to follow is to be respectful of everyone else and their ideas. We're here to grow ideas, not belittle them. That doesn't mean you have to agree with everyone, just be nice in your response. All kinds of answers are acceptable, from the silly to the logical. The other rule is that there is no OAK vs SJ arguing allowed. That's for another post.

Don't be afraid to ask me if you have any questions about the experiment. Now, put on your green and gold thinking caps, and start brainstorming!