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July Lounge Thread: The one with the All Star Break

Buongiorno Loungers!

This is your local traveling lounge mistress here to start off the second half of the year! Yes, that's right, we're into July now, the next year is now closer to us than the past one....or something like that...

July brings us the All Star Break, which means fewer games that count. For those of you heading to Kansas City for the mid-summer classic, tell my sister hi. Well, you don't know who she is, so just go around yelling "Hi Gigs' sister!" until someone answers.

Any posts I make this month will be at odd times during the day and night, since I'm currently typing this from an air-conditioned (thank goodness) computer lab in Rome, Italy. I'm going to miss all the games, so I trust someone will let me know when Inge hits four HR's in a game, Pennington hits for the cycle, and Coco steals home three times in the same game. Oh, and injuries. I guess someone should tell me when those happen.

In the meantime, make sure you enjoy today's Euro Cup soccer finale, featuring Espana vs. Italia.And then there's Wimbledon, also going on right now. And some Olympic Trials are going on. And at the end of the month, the olympics begin. The August lounge will likely have an olympic feel to it...

Happy Lounging everyone!