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Open Thread: Game 79 - Oakland Athletics at Texas Rangers (cont'd)

5 innings are in the bag, and the A's are trailing 6-2.

Chris Carter homered and doubled and scored both of our runs so far. I hope that I get to write that sentence many, many times over the next 6 years.

Tommy Milone was dealing through almost-5, but the A's gave Texas two extra outs and Milone finally succumbed. Brandon Hicks made the play of the game just now to rob Craig Gentry of a 2-run single. They scored anyway, on the lamest 2-run hit ever. Then Hicks made a dumb error. Make up your mind, dude. Are you good or not? That error let Josh Hamilton come to the plate, and he broke it open with a 3-run homer. At least Milone finally retired Beltre!

Also, I have to admit that the Fox commentators are surprisingly tolerable. The color commentator is decent, and the play-by-play guy has cited several surprisingly relevant and interesting stats.

Alright. Time for a rally thread to get that lead back.