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A's Offense Strikes Again

Eric Hosmer signals the safety as the Royals win 2-0.
Eric Hosmer signals the safety as the Royals win 2-0.

The A's offense is awful. We all know that. Just in case anyone ever should forget, the A's thankfully put together another performance like today's as they manage only seven hits and as is becoming increasingly common a grand total of zero runs. Today's pitcher who Oakland made look like a Cy Young Award winner was Vin Mazzaro. Mazzaro, a former A's pitcher pitched six shutout innings, and wasn't brilliant (three walks and three K's) but was good enough to keep the A's at bay. Then a combination of Kelvin Herrera, Greg Holland and Jonathan Broxton managed to ensure no one else scored.

Tommy Milone getting the start for Oakland looked decent, seven innings of two earned run baseball allowing eight hits including an Eric Hosmer home run to open up the scoring, with a walk and six strikeouts. So another sore luck loss for Milone who pitched well enough to win with virtually any other offense backing him. Andrew Carignan was put in for an inning of relief, and managed to get out of it unscathed despite making it interesting. I just don't get Melvin's usage of Carignan, he keeps putting him into relatively close games (albeit when the A's are losing) when it seems like there are better options to turn to.

That is neither here nor there, there just isn't much to say following another A's loss like this. Cowgill and Reddick both got two hits, there are your bright spots. 0-for-8 with runners in scoring position, team left on base: nine.

Doesn't get any easier, Rangers are coming to town. Brace yourselves....