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AN Quotes of the Month From The Season So Far

Happy Wednesday!

This is my last thread for three weeks, as I am going to Europe tomorrow! There will be very limited baseball for me, so I'm counting on all of you to get the A's up and over .500 before my return.

Just for fun this morning, I have compiled a list of quotes from the site for your viewing pleasure. You can reply to any quote with QOTM and it will make it into the search for the next post. If you have any favorites, feel free to add them below!

We'll start with making fun of our players:


OldhamA: Oh hey, baseball!
Oh no, Tyson Ross.

oakAK: How is Ross looking?
hero66: Dressing for less?

Drone: yep. if this team were a puppy, I adopt them

OldYoungMan: we need bandaids stat!
lynnzgal: Bandaids? We need a clamp!

(following a popped up bunt)
Hey look. Suzuki caught something.
hero66: He hits enough of those to know how they're caught

Ovale Fan: Heres to hoping we don’t have another 10 pop up night.
weenmAN: No chance. Zuk's on the bench tonight!
StitchyD: - 4 pop ups

Glomar: Does Cespedes ignore all cut off men?
OptimistPrime: Cutoff men are just lawn ornaments to the Cuban Canon

Trainman: Can we have the Weeks from last year please
Shed: Sure
Week 1 – Jan 2 – Jan 8
Week 2 – Jan 9 – Jan15
Week 3 – Jan 17 – Jan 22
Why did you want this again?

Nick: I love Ray saying that Colon "has a little left in the tank"
Ray, Colon has a LOT in that tank, from what I can see.

Even the team gets into the action. From Blevins' Twitter:

Our manager isn't exempt either:

McBain: Bottom 9th recap
Goldschmidt just misses one and hits it a mile in the air
Montero hits a hard shot that Pennington makes a great play on
Young walks (that’s the sin)
Hill hits a bullet to left for a base hit
Roberts walk off bomb
Fuentes wasn’t fooling anyone!

louismg: He fooled our manager.
So that’s one guy.


And other announcers:

After a Seth Smith homerun

drink409: You can put it on the booooard, YETH YETH YETH.

And umpires:

Nick: It would be hilarious if umps yelled at managers for making mistakes
"You are having your #2 hitter sacrifice in the 1st inning?!!??! You call that managing?!?? What the hell is wrong with you??!! At least ask for some help from your bench coach!!"

player20: Casper! Arguing with the ump? So not friendly.

And the organization as a whole:

ahhall: As per usual, the weekday day game was not televised, because the only thing that the A’s are worse at developing than hitters is TV deals.

cuppingmaster: In play, Miracle(s)

Drone: what’s Melvin supposed to do here? “Well, Barton’s not ready, and everyone else sucks, but they have to suck for awhile until Barton’s ready, and hopefully he doesn’t suck, either.”
I agree the A’s look funky from the outside on these things. And I’m guessing there was something of a competition for the position in ST, but I view Barton as sort of the incumbent, and the other two would have to knock him off definitively to take the spot, and neither has.
Sad about Allen, because he does have some nice power. But my hamster has a better eye and more plate discipline.
Nick: Can your hamster play 3B?
Drone: Crumbsies has range issues, but his reflexes are incredible.

This whole exchange:

oakland9: I am hoping this means we trade Kurt very shortly to a team that will overpay
Here’s to you Tampa Bay…
Slide Giambi:
Madden will probably bat him leadoff
: Limit Zooks GIDP to only 3 in a game
: and then everyone will love it because it’s the Rays. And Jonah Keri will write a 5000 word article on how smart Joe Maddon is because it’s the Rays, and Joe Maddon.
WaddellCanseco: Gulf Coast bias

And this one you just have to see

The A's take on the Mariners at 12:40. See you then!