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Field of Dreams - Yay or Nay

Good morning, and HAPPY FRIDAY! The red-hot A's--and they can't be much hotter--are set to take on their Bay Area rivals this weekend, as the A's and Giants match-up tonight with Parker and Lincecum. If you can't make it to the park, come back here for the gamethread!

The A's need to send all of their momentum into this weekend's series. They are so close to getting back to .500, and have been more exciting this year than in many years' past.

Until then, let's kill some time with a debate. We have this exchange:

Okay, I may have laughed. But with all due respect to both of them (and they are two of my favorite baseball personalities, hands down), they are wrong! Field of Dreams is a poignant look at a baseball era gone by; of mending broken dreams, and healing relationships. It's touching, if not slightly crazy; it makes everyone tear up at the end, and it restores your faith in humanity, while making you fall in love with baseball all over again.