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Open Thread: Game 70 - A's vs. Dodgers

For the third consecutive series, the A's go for a sweep. The first time they got it and the second time they didn't, so today is the "rubber game of 3 attempts at series sweeps". Does anyone know the origin of the team "rubber game" to describe the game that will decide who wins a series? Not sure what tires, or even condoms, would have to do with this kind of game, nor do these games appear to be especially bouncy or tread-y.

In any event, the A's send the Australian Adverb, Travis Blackley, to the mound with tough acts to follow: Brandon McCarthy and Tommy Milone have combined to stifle the Dodgers in the series so far to the tune of 16 IP, 5 hits, and 1 ER. Blackley's opponent is fellow LHP Clayton Kershaw, winner of last year's "triple crown". This means that in 2011, Kershaw led the league in ERA and strikeouts, and also won the Preakness.

On the plus side, Oakland has won 7 of 8. On the minus side, the only pitcher to beat them in the last 8 games was named Clayton. The starting lineups, featuring Derek Norris catching and batting 7th: