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Open Thread: Game 68 - A's vs. Padres

"A bicycle frame...A skateboard...A shoe...a jet ski..."

Sometimes our answers reveal so much about us...

Happy Father's Day, everyone! For symmetry, today Dallas Braden's grandfather will be in the stands as Braden throws a perfect game right-handed. Free tickets for everyone in Section 902!

Whether you're a father, have a father, or just discovered live on Maury Povich that you don't have a father, I hope this day brings you joy and an A's win. Hey, that was redundant. Bartolo Colon, who isn't a father only because he ate all 4 of his children, faces off against Padres' lefty Clayton Richard. It's tragic when a family sees a name like Smith, John and doesn't realize the last name has been written first. Such was the fate for a young boy who clearly was supposed to be named Richard Clayton, and then suffered further adversity by being forced to play for the Padres.

It actually makes me sad to use San Diego as an example of a beleaguered franchise because they were a lot of fun when I was a kid. Tony Gwynn, Alan Wiggins, Eric Show, Ken Caminiti (ok, former Padres really need to stop dying), and who could forget Dave Dravecky's slider coming right at you, followed soon after by his left arm. ("Duck!!!!!" "Naw, I'm purty sure that's an arm.")

But these are darker days for the Padres, and the A's try to take full advantage as they go for a series sweep today, and a 6th consecutive win. Today's starting lineups, if Baseball Press is to be trusted:

Finally, the daily roster move is...Tyson Ross optioned to AAA, Pedro Figueroa recalled.