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Open Thread - Game 66: Oakland Athletics vs. San Diego Padres

Update from the A's Facebook account:

Outfielder-Designated Hitter Manny Ramirez has requested his outright release from the Oakland Athletics and the team has granted his request.

Hello, and Happy Friday, everyone! After seeing my graduates off this morning, I am in the new house with nothing to do except watch baseball on the big screen and perhaps drink wine. The A's, fresh off a sweep in Coors, of all places, will try to continue their winning ways against the NL West as they take on the Padres at home. Anthony Bass will be facing Travis Blackley (hint: Blackley is pitching for the A's) in the game tonight.

Yoenis Cespedes is not starting the game, but could be available, as i understand it. How is everyone? What are we drinking tonight? Did anyone graduate from anything today?

In other news, "Yonder" is a seriously awesome name.

Here are your lineups: