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Plus Ça Change...McCarthy Scratched For Tomorrow With More Right Shoulder Issues

As Jane Lee reports, Brandon McCarthy has been scratched from tomorrow's start and is heading back to the Bay Area for an MRI. Like Justin Duchscherer and Rich Harden, McCarthy is good enough when he's healthy that you want him on your side but is hurt so consistently that objectively, a small-market team has to think carefully about how much money, or many years, it's wise to commit to him.

McCarthy is a free agent after 2012. I don't know what he will command, in terms of money and years, on the open market, or what the A's are thinking about him for beyond this season. What should they be thinking?

Last we knew, Bartolo Colon's right arm was still attached, so he should be taking on Jeremy Guthrie and the Colorado Rockies at 5:40pm...