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Game 62: A's vs. Snakes

We still don't like you.
We still don't like you.

The Diamondbacks have proven to be unexpectedly poisonous to the A's this weekend, and Ryan Roberts and Miguel Montero have teamed up for the big blows this series. Trevor Cahill was surprisingly effective yesterday, and Jarrod Parker was unexpectedly ineffective. Then again, it was only the 2nd HR he's allowed all season and last time out he threw a career-high number of pitchers in support of a no-hit bid against the Rangers, so I suppose he gets some slack.

The A's know today's pitcher, Joe Saunders, very well, as it is 19th career start against them. He's held the A's to an OPS+ against of 81 (that's bad - 100 would be average) in 18 career starts. Then again, he's never faced the A's in Arizona.
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