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Open Thread: Game 52 - Oakland Athletics at Kansas City Royals

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, nor is tonight's lineup a mirage. There is a REAL hitter in the lineup tonight, who, despite just coming off an injury, is going to lead the A's to victory! How's that for positive thinking?!

Bartolo Colon and Yoenis Cespedes will be taking command of tonight's game in their quest to beat the red-hot Felipe Paulino, who has made five starts, and has shut out opponents three times. If nothing else, it will give the A's offense an excuse this time, right?

I will be in and out of the game thread tonight, due to tiny things like an impending move tomorrow, so send all of your best vibes to the game threads tonight and let's try to break the A's 8-game losing streak.

The A's lineup sure looks more palatable with Cespedes in the 4-spot. I'm curious about what next week will bring, as well. This is probably the last chance for the A's to make a recovery from the last ten games, so let's start with tonight!