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To Cheat or not to Cheat - Sports Illustrated's Special Report

It's a long, long read, but I think it's a profound one. The article (more of a short story, really), centers around Dan Naulty, one of the few major league players to freely talk about his steroid use...and the impact it had on his clean teammates when they found out.

It's a heartbreaking read in some parts, where you understand why players juiced; if your lifelong dream is to become a major league player and you can either stay clean and in Triple-A, or take steroids and make it to the show, it probably wasn't all that hard of a call.

Yet, the undercurrent of the article really made me respect the players who did stay clean, who weren't willing to cheat to achieve their dream, and the absolute devastation and frustration they felt when they found out that other teammates showed no such conviction.

Ninety percent of all drafted players never spend one day in the big leagues. Steroid users made the odds even worse for clean players.

The article takes us through the minor league experience; the elation of the big leagues, and the heartbreak of being released. It also provides an intimate look at the life of Dan Naulty.

I highly recommend the read, and I'd love your thoughts.

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