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Open Thread - Game 31: Oakland Athletics vs. Toronto Blue Jays

I'd recommend pitching well today.
I'd recommend pitching well today.

Good morning, and welcome to an exciting day game of A's baseball! The A's are riding high after last night's dramatic win, in which Brandon Inge's walk-off grand slam was played on an endless loop in many an A's household, and the adorable ensuing dog pile brought smiles to our faces for the first time since...oh...about 2006. The A's will try for the 2-game series sweep with a win today, which would also bring their modest winning streak to four, but their offense better come ready with Tyson Ross on the mound. Apparently, I drew the short straw as the recapper; my last game was also a Ross start.

The good news is the Ross only allowed 7 runs during his last start, a slight improvement from the 9 in his previous one. The better news is that the A's are dancing with Miss .533, so even if they lose the game today, they are still over the .500 mark. But how about a win for the green and gold?

Obviously Cespedes is out again (this is killing me); he is scheduled for an MRI on his hand today. Think good thoughts and/or send prayers for health, because this season might continue to be interesting with him and Manny in the center of the lineup. And, hey! We lead the league in stolen bases...go us!

The A's offense will be facing Brandon Morrow, and they will lineup like this:

Kurt Suzuki, after being battered a lot lately, will have the day off after the night game,both Kila and Barton will be in the game, as will both Smith and Gomes. Taylor looks to be seated today.