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A's Take Two of Three in the Other Bay Area

Its like that girl on Intervention said "Its like I am walking on sunshine!" minus the whole inhaling the dust-off can...
Its like that girl on Intervention said "Its like I am walking on sunshine!" minus the whole inhaling the dust-off can...

This game took forever: three hours, twenty-nine minutes. At times it felt like a chore. But sometimes when do go through doing a chore, in the end it is all worth it and this can be said of this game. Despite a combined twelve walks, 341 pitches, 16 hits, 14 runs, with only 23,873 people there to see it... the A's won. And that is all that matters.

Tommy Milone got off to as miserable a start as you can get off to in the first inning as he had no control and got hit around, never a good combo. The Rays tagged him for four runs early and as per FanGraphs stood a 91.3% chance of winning this one. For me, and many A's fans, this one seemed over before it has really begun. But slowly but surely the A's chipped away, as with two outs in the third Yoenis Cespedes singled home Cliff Pennington. Jonny Gomes then blooped one into right field and scored Reddick, and then Brandon Inge hit a moonshot into some poor Rays fans "solar plexus" for a three-run home run to give the A's a 5-4 lead they wouldn't give up. Just as that Rays fan took a home run to the groin, the Rays took a proverbial shot to the groin too as the awakened A's bats would add on in the fifth with a two-out Gomes double plating Michael Taylor. Then later in that inning Daric Barton would bounce one off the wall in left field to plate two more and give the A's an 8-4 lead. B.J. Upton would hit a solo shot in the bottom half, but the A's would tack on one more on a Brandon Inge sacrifice to end with the final score of 9-5.

The A's scored all of their runs with two outs sort of (ok, I am not sure, technically they did but the final run was scored on a sacrifice, so Inge came up with 1 out, flyed out for out #2, then the run scored...), but regardless hitting with their backs to the wall was key in this one as the A's battled and battled to win. The A's take two out of three from a team that came in with the best record in baseball and as of Friday had a 13-1 home record. It'll be a fun flight back to Oakland I am sure.

Thanks for spending your Sunday afternoon with me! Now get out and enjoy this sunshine (well it is sunny here in SoCal at least)!